Sunday, October 02, 2005

Recent Blog Posts from Cliff & Kevin of the WNY Progress Report

The WNY Progress Report's Radio Show team of Cliff Parks and Kevin Burd have been hard at work lately, not only on the show, but also on their blog:

Here are their latest posts:

Dragging Us Down

October 2nd, 2005


Who, who I say will lead us to the promised land? Not the House of Representatives, which our friend Tom DeLay has turned into a sewer of outright partisan hackery, dirty dealing and criminality. For folks in the Gulf Coast area it sure ain’t gonna be FEMA, which is leaving these poor souls high and dry, Brownie or no Brownie. And the White House? They’re too busy buying news and spreading propaganda, and hoping that Karl Rove, their Darth Sidious, their mastermind doesn’t get arrested (along with Darth Cheney’s boy Scooter). Yes, something is happening, but I do know what it is Mister Jones: the powerful look out for the powerful while WE get dragged down by their perfect society, and OUR nation becomes something else, diminished and cheap, a house of illusions and delusions. It’s as simple as that.

It has to stop.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

October 1st, 2005

ok, ok I’m up… Green Day sucks, though I do like the video

Bill Bennett always was a total jerk. Didn’t care for him under Reagan, thought he was plain dangerous under Bush Sr. Well, just when you thought he was gone, out he crawls from under his rock. Total scumbag. Let the fallout begin.

Last Wednesday I joined 500 of my closest environmental friends for a tremendous lecture at UB North campus by Dr. David Orr, Professor at Oberlin College. Many familiar faces from the environmental community, including Judy Einach, Buffalo mayoral candidate. Judy’s message about climate change was verified, as Dr. Orr spoke for an hour on the most pressing issue facing our society, climate destabilization.

A rebroadcast of his presentation will air Monday October 3rd at 9:00 am on wbfo, 88.7 fm. Tune in!!!